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muhinaIrina Muhina.
From Siberia. Graduated from Novosibirsk State University, Master Program in Math, Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence. Three children and three grandchildren. In Canada since 1995. Since then, have been working for large corporations in such industries as insurance, banking, credit cards, marketing, investment and financial consulting. Currently working at Asset Management firm, focusing on risk forecast to optimize and manage portfolios for pension plans and financial institutions. I have expertise in data mining, statistical analysis, big data, risk forecast and business intelligence. Have managed large projects with multidisciplinary and culturally diverse teams. I have been mentoring and coaching a couple dozen university students. Interested in developing and coaching creative successful young people with high moral, EQ and IQ level. IECARUS role is strategic development, HR and head of research for global macroeconomics and job markets.

Yuliya Bond – Expert in Language Training (French, Spanish).
One of my biggest passions is learning languages. I have been learning and teaching foreign languages for more than a decade. I am Russian and Russian is my mother tongue. I learned my first foreign language in high school in Belgium when I was 13 and it took me almost a year to get to the intermediate level. When I returned back home, I set out to improve my French for my Bachelor degree in Linguistics. I graduated from Russian State University, faculty of Linguistics and Multicultural Communication, specializing in French/English Translations. In Canada I graduated from York University, faculty of Education 2 years later. In the meantime, I was giving French Lessons to my friends and to the children of my friends, that is how – VLF Language Training was founded. VLF French Private School offers French private and group classes to government employees, corporate employees and to the general public. In 2013, I self-published a book “Fast French for Busy People” a step-by-step guide to learn French fast.


Alexandra Luccioni – Expert in Artificial Intelligence in Education.
Young, dynamic and multicultural, with 9 years of post-secondary education and research experience on 4 continents. Alexandra speaks languages and has skills and knowledge in a variety of domains of expertise (linguistics, artificial intelligence, computer science, cognitive science, etc.). She is currently completing a PhD in Cognitive Computing at UQAM University in Montreal, while lecturing in Computer Science and working as an associate researcher on several projects in Cognitive informatics and Linguistics. As a researcher, she is particularly interested in AIED (Artificial Intelligence in EDucation), Machine Learning, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, and Natural Language Understanding.


Tatiana Lubovetskaya
I work with children from 1 month to 14 months (early intervention) and children under 18 who need pedagogical,physical and medical rehabilitation.
I am constantly advancing my qualifications and actively use received skills and new methods in practice. The sphere of my work involves not only medical rehabilitation but also teaching our patients the basics of self-service,activity and cognitive development. For this purpose we use the international program “PORTAGE”. I am an assisted physiotherapist,developing individual programs of medical physical rehabilitation for patients based on their needs.

Expertise in the area of individual and family counseling for children with special needs
· Professional home visitor and consultant.
Active early intervention and consultation.

25 years of experience providing treatment for:
· Children with developmental and physical disabilities
· Child`s Cerebral Palsy (all forms and conditions)
· Complication after neuroinfectious
· Cranial and brain traumas followed by paralysis and limb paresis,
· Orthopedic disorders caused by deforming arthritis, arthrosis, Peters’s disease, operated inborn
· Dislocations and coaxial bones.

Irina Kravchuk

Born in Kiev, USSR now Ukraine. I graduated from Kiev State University (Master’s degree in radio physics) and began my career working in several scientific research institutes. Then I applied my knowledge and experience in teaching and developing original curricula, learning materials, and activities for math and logic courses. The math course was developed to give the students a strong background and promote specifically their thinking abilities rather than make them memorize and follow given algorithms.

The logic program, in its turn, promotes creative thinking and offers knowledge expected from a standard formal logic course. However, it is presented in an easy to access and entertaining form that includes various exercises, problems and brainteasers. I strongly believe in advantages of early learning and developed an easy reading program for young children to help them become active readers. I’ve been living in Canada for about 12 years and working for the school system since 2008. Other areas of interests: art history, poetry, astronomy, pottery, traveling and many other things that bring joy to my life.


allaAlla Kartuzova

From Ukraine. I have Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, Translating, and Philology, Specialized in French Language and Literature, Dniepropetrovsk State University. I’ve been living in Canada from 1998 and working for the Toronto School Board School system since 1999. In Canada I have obtained ECE Diploma from Seneca College in 2006 and Certificate in Family Support in Ryerson University in 2011 and have been working as Russian Teacher in Parish Saturday school from 1999. The last 15 years I am director of Russian Youth Theater and enjoy being in the center of Russian creative youth movement in Toronto.


Elena Beloborodova
From Siberia. I graduated from Omsk State Medical Institute and then obtained the second degree in Pedagogue-Psychologist from Omsk State Pedagogical University, Ph.D. in Psychology. I’ve been working in Omsk State Pedagogical University from 1994-2014 as professor with psychotherapist practice where I was offering one-on-one psychotherapy and counseling, individual and couples counseling, children, family and group therapy as well as hypnotherapy. I have an expertise in communication and interpersonal skills, assertiveness training, understanding personality and behavioural patterns, handling addictions, stress and anxiety management. I have been working with children with multiple barriers, such as autism, developmental issues and behavioural challenges.



Timofei Pozdeev
Born near Sverdlovsk, in the Urals, Russia, I have been living in Ontario since 1996. I have an HBSc in Psychology and Linguistics from University of Toronto and specialize in learning processes and communication.
Working in leadership positions in a variety of sectors over the last 15 years, I am now teaching at Erudite Private School in the Bloor West Village of Toronto. I am passionate about motivation, ability and achievement as well as a diverse and balanced development. To balance my own interests, I spend my free time making furniture and restoring antiques.
I believe that each individual has the potential to develop many talents, and that only the lack of motivation prevents each of us from achievement. While developing my courses, I focus on engagement and exploration to encourage natural curiosity and integrative learning.

Maxim Vorobyov
Born in Toronto, Ontario. I have graduated from the Abelard School, and will be pursuing a degree in Mathematics at Glendon University. I have worked as a teacher assistant in the Erudite School in the 2016/2017 school year, which has an absolutely wonderful experience. Very passionate about mathematics, have participated in multiple math competitions, including several Big Data challenges. I am interested in languages, I speak Russian, English, French and currently learning Spanish.  I work at iEcarus as a site admin and editor.

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