• By establishing, an open friendly environment for digital but practical communication and collaboration in order to deliver a successful educational path for each talent.

• Tailor research customization for children and adults which is designed to craft and enhance a process of self-learning and self-development by exploring, compiling and synthesizing educational practices, programs and classes from both the East and West best educational practices.

• We utilize the synergy between studying, well-being and creativity by applying techniques to engage and balance the right and left side of the brain in order to motivate and engage learners of all ages.

• In order to improve and advance academic achievement, emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities, we encourage self-understanding and a positive sense of self-esteem based on quantitative accomplishments so a client is inspired to look forward to the meeting the next challenges involved in creating a successful educational life path.

• We involve scientific, artistic, technical, industrial and educational organizations with emphasis always on professional collaboration. This allows us to create in an open environment cross-functional and social projects for educational problem solving by sharing and exchanging professional expertise and knowledge.

• IECARUS is committed to providing exposure in training and projects in science and technologies, arts, sports. We do this by attracting the widest possible pool of educators drawn from academia, industry, science, the arts, and community leaders to act as mentors, life and career coaches.

• We seek to increase personal satisfaction, self-actualization and stress resistance by maintaining focus on long-term objectives while adapting to continually changing short-term demands.

• IECARUS is an alternative answer to providing an enhanced well-rounded educational experience. While most public educational models are suffering from budgetary and financial constraints and cutbacks, IECARUS has streamlined the process to enhance and supplement formal education by considering and evaluating on-line, MOOCs, educational channels to comprehend and fulfill global market trends.