Pilot Co-op Program

High School Research Course

The Pilot Program for high school student participation in the academic research of their choice has been developed with the Student Success and Learning to 18 Department of the Ontario Ministry of Education. It gives senior high school students much sought-after opportunities to work with the leading national scientists and motivates them with attainable achievements recognized as high school credits and by academic community. It supports students transition from school into post-secondary institutes with a focus on 21st century careers in science and technology.

The Ontario Ministry of Education pilots the Program at six representative schools (urban and rural; Catholic and Public; Anglophone and Francophone) staring September 2013. The Journal organizes mentorship for grade 11 and 12 Ontario students, connecting them with professionals and academics from the database of the Federal Science and Technology Cluster.

The Pilot Program’s focus on innovation will attract a new group of students interested in reaching ahead into science and technology professions through experiential learning. It will spark a new interest in science and technology careers, will teach telecommuter work skills, e-etiquette, work safety on the Internet, electronic professional communication, problem solving and data analysis.

Its cyber format eliminates the necessity for a commute and permits mentoring according to the Ministry of Education Virtual Co-op model for cases when the desired Research co-op placement opportunities are not accessible due to geographical restrictions of either the student or the mentor. It can be offered as one credit course that fits well into the busy timetables of senior high school students, including those who participate in special programs like Specialist High Skills Major, TOPS and others.

List of mentors for e-coop research credit course – Summer 2015.
You will find all of our mentors on Linked In

♦  Entrepreneurship and startups – what makes startup different from other business ventures. How to start, what you need to know?

MENTOR: Regnard Raquedan the CEO and co-founder of CubbySpot, the only mobile app that helps parents find the best daycare. Regnard is a NN/g UX Certified Information Architect with over a decade of experience with mobile & web user experience design and workshop facilitation. He has spoken in various design conferences in three continents and blogs at http://blog.cubbyspot.com. Regnard has an MBA, a Master’s degree concentrating in Human Computer Interaction, and completed the Improv program at The Second City Training Centre in Toronto.

♦  Big data and Analytics – understanding, interpreting, applying. Who are data scientists and why are they under such a demand ?

MENTOR : Alison Burnham Ph.D in Statistics, VP, Pricing & Analytics at ScoreBig Inc. Alison has over 25 years experience managing analytical teams in a wide variety of applications from pricing, loyalty programs, fraud management, credit risk analysis and customer relationship marketing. The past 5 years have been focused on e-commerce pricing and business intelligence. The previous 10 years have been concentrated in customer value management and cover a diversity of verticals across both B2B and B2C businesses – Client engagements include: National Basketball Association, Travelex Currency Exchange, General Motors, Esso, Barnes & Noble, JP Morgan Chase, TD Bank, Kraft, FedEx, Bell Canada, John Hancock, Danier Leather and lavalife.

♦  Science and Research – science education, theory and application with a particular area of research in mind

MENTOR: Sacha Nouhovich Ph. D. in Math, International member of the Council of Science Editors` Marketing Committee (CSE) , Assistant Curriculum Leader for Computer Studies at Earl Haig Secondary School, Toronto District School Board
CISCO Academy administrator and instructor, delivering enriched computer studies curriculum and coordinate industry certification courses and his team.

♦  Marketing and PR – world is changing and marketing is different these days. Building brands, personal brands and transferring companies. Social media and future.

MENTOR: Yuilia Vasileva Originally from St Petersburg, Russia Yulia lives in Canada for the last 5 years. Holds a degree in PR and advertising from faculty of journalism. Entrepreneurial interests always lead Yulia to explore various industries and areas of business. Managing various projects and creating new strategies made her a highly proficient project manager, as well as enhanced natural business acumen and broaden professional expertise. Project management and marketing experiences include: Media, TV production, education, telecommunications, retail, marketing and advertising, sports management, culinary and entertainment. Yulia is running annual event to support graduating culinary students with future employment. Yulia has created and executed exchange program between Mount Saint Vincent University and St Petersburg State University PR and Advertising majors, this agreement results in annual student and academic research exchange. This program is successfully running for the last 5 years. Vice President of Winter 2014 Cohort The Founder Institute December 2014 Science and Technology.

♦  Personal finance and investment – investment banking, trading, personal financing

MENTOR: Dmitry Ivanov President, CEO at Ruscan Capital Holdings Corp specialized in mortgage financing and joint venture construction projects. Being 10 years in real estate industry as an Investor and Mortgage Broker allows him to find successful project across the GTA that yield my clients solid rates of return.

♦  Insurance and risk – actuarial science what do you need to know about it before starting your designation? Personal, commercial, property, re-insurance etc. – is it important these days?

MENTOR: Irina Muhina – Ph.D in AI spent the last seven years with MAM, in Portfolio Solution Group which oversaw a $110B AUM to ensure the optimization of asset and manager allocation and minimize risks through stochastical modeling and scenario simulation. Irina’s expertise as a Data Scientist has also been instrumental Moreover, the pension plan LDI product that Ms. Muhina has designed and implemented has already been patented in the USA, and is due to receive a Canadian patent this year. During her career, Irina was mentoring more than 40 co-op students, interns and Ph. D students from different universities. She was leading young employees by helping them to establish industry best practices and master skills which are necessary to realize their potential and succeed in modern society.

♦  Cognitive science and AI – linguistics, informatics and computing: what ? why ? where? how?

MENTOR: Alexandra Luccioni Dynamic, multilingual and analytic, have 8 years of post-secondary education and work on 4 continents, with skills in various domains of expertise: cognitive linguistics and informatics, computer science, mathematics and intelligent tutoring systems. Currently completing PhD in Cognitive Informatics at UQAM University (aiming to finish in summer 2016) and working as a research and teaching assistant. Working on projects regarding E-learning and Instructional design, collaborating with researchers both in Canada and abroad to build international knowledge networks between academia and industry.

♦  Foreign languages – learn, study and practice using new technology. What is cool about multiple languages in the global village?

MENTOR: Yuilia Bondarenko Expert in Language Training (French, Spanish). One of my biggest passions is learning languages. I have been learning and teaching foreign languages for more than a decade. I am Russian and Russian is my mother tongue. I learned my first foreign language in high school in Belgium when I was 13 and it took me almost a year to get to the intermediate level. When I returned back home, I set out to improve my French for my Bachelor degree in Linguistics. I graduated from Russian State University, faculty of Linguistics and Multicultural Communication, specializing in French/English Translations. In Canada I graduated from York University, faculty of Education 2 years later. In the meantime, I was giving French Lessons to my friends and to the children of my friends, that is how – VLF Language Training was founded. VLF French Private School offers French private and group classes to government employees, corporate employees and to the general public. In 2013, I self-published a book “Fast French for Busy People” a step-by-step guide to learn French fast.

♦  Art, Craft and Design – creative trends, specifics, projects and applications in virtual job markets.
♦  Travel, Tourism and Hospitality – tailoring customer travel experience, searching for ecological adventure, extreme tours, living and studying abroad etc. What is expected ?

При участии 18 отделов министерства образования, в Онтарио разработан новый исследовательский кредитный кооп-курс для учеников 11 и 12 классов. Новый курс позволяет страшекласснику на протяжении 4 месяцев в индивидуальном  дистанционном режиме работать в выбранной области исследований с ведущими учеными из любого университета Канады.
Целью этого курса является ознакомление старшеклассников с выбранной специальностью и получение опыта научно – исследовательской работы под руководством научных работников.

Новый курс прошел аппробацию в шести государственных школах Онтарио и разрешен к внедрению во всех школах провинции.

Инновационный образовательный центр  iECARUS в партнерстве с канадским научным журналом для старшеклассников и частной школой Дискавери Академией предоставляет всем старшеклассникам возможность пройти новый курс.

Вам не нужно ждать когда этот курс дойдет до школ, в которых учатся ваши дети. Они могут уже сейчас получить новый курс  в онлайн режиме в комплексе с другими программами, курсами, психологическими консультациями и онлайн-тренингами нашего центра.

Новый курс поможет вашему ребенку в самом главном для него деле –  выборе будушей профессии с учетом тенденций   рынка труда.
Старшие классы – важнейший период в жизни вашего ребенка, определяющий его будущую финансовую и творческую успешность.  Поэтому в рамках этого курса предлагается действенная помощь в  профориентации и пробе своих сил в выбранной отрасли знаний:

  • Помочь определить  научное направление и университет для учебы после окончания школы
  • Предложить консультации по составлению и обсуждению первого резюме
  • Пользуясь государственной базой данных, выбрать научного руководителя для сотрудничества в рамках ко-оп программы
  • Написать письмо-обращение к этому специалисту
  • Подготовиться к интервью и провести его, используя СКАЙП
  • Предоставить возможность  дистационно заниматься научно-исследовательской деятельностью в постоянном контакте с руководителем (изучать статьи, получать задания и информацию для решения конкретной исследовательской задачи в выбранной области)
  • Завершением курса будет короткая презентация по теме в конце семестра, и самые интересные работы старшеклассников будут рекомендованы для публикации в Канадском Научном Журнале для старшеклассников

Исследовательская ко-оп программа разработана для  привлечения  талантливой молодежи к научной деятельности и ознакомления с реальными направлениями работы канадских ученых.  Это  – не только реальная помощь школьникам при выборе будущей профессии, но и  применение школьных знаний для анализа реальных научных данных, а также опыт делового обшения.
Формат дистанционного обучения делает доступным сотрудничество с любыми университетами. Для желающих весь курс может быть дистанционным, Для тех, кому нужен личный контакт с учителем,  будет предоставлена такая возможность в здании школы Престиж в вечерние часы.  Гибкий формат позволяет вписать дополнительный кредит в самое насыщенное расписание  и  пройти курс повторно при желании попробовать себя на разных научных направлениях.

Этот уникальный курс дает школьникам возможность познакомиться с академической средой и установить полезные деловые контакты. Это – реальная помощь    при выборе профессии.
Все кого заинтересует эта инфромация, пожалуйста, обращайтесь по адресу  info@iecarus.comили iecarus.ca@gmail.com

Вебинар и семинар по вопросам родителей будет проведен в ближайшее время.

Первая групп планируется летом 2015.

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