Welcome to Wide World Ed

Education has always been the key to successful livelihoods, stable economies, and tolerant and diverse civil societies. With the unprecedented, and nearly untapped capacity of the Internet to connect us all in learning, we can increase open and collaborative aspects of education. If it’s leadership you’re looking for, the volunteers and staff at Wide World Ed have put their hands up. You can be a leader as well. You have a great deal to offer global learning communities. We’re willing (and able) to help develop online education designs, conduct research, and provide tools for educator and learner success. Are you willing to build? To learn? If yes, we welcome you aboard!

Together we can make amazing things happen in global education. Every single course that is built, and offered, and participated in can change the landscape of human learning. You can contribute to that in many ways.Here are our vision, mission and values for you to consider…

Vision: Online learning is inclusive, engaging and effective.

Mission: Deliver well-designed and effective, online courses and open education resources to diverse learners around the world.


  • Knowledge is a public good
  • Open education is not low quality education
  • Teachers and learners are equal partners
  • Through education we are empowered to achieve our goals
  • Through education we are empowered to help others


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